How To Properly Dispose Of Dead Animals

How To Properly Dispose of Dead Animals?

If you are a pet lover and knows well how to take good care of your pet, it is not sufficient. It is equally important for you to know about dispose of dead animals. Yes, it may sound heart-breaking but the fact is that it will make you ready to deal with any such situation more efficiently.

Steps to be Follow Before Burial or Dispose of Dead Animals

  • Check your pet: Before declaring your pet a dead, take an opinion from a veterinarian. It may be struggling for breath and has not died yet. If you could sense that the pet is still alive, you can rush to the emergency vet nearby.
  • Look for the pulse: Using your two fingers, check the pulse between the inner thigh. However, it is difficult to detect a pulse on the cat.
  • Take immediate action: As the body starts decomposing quickly, it is important to take a decision on burial or decompose off immediately. If you want to stop the decomposition of the body and taking a little longer time over a day to think of disposal, it is advised to keep the body in the freezer after wrapping it properly.
  • Check the local laws: You may refer to the local vet or police department to know about the prevailing laws in your state about the decomposing of dead animals. There are a few states where burial in Public Park or in your own property is not allowed.

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4 Best Ways to Dispose of Dead Animals

Best Ways To Dispose Of a Dead Cat Or dog

There are many ways to dispose of dead animals. Here we will discuss the 4 best and safest ways to dispose of them.

Refer a Pet Cemetery

You can refer a dedicated cemetery in your vicinity to bury your pet with utmost love and respect. Search ‘pet disposal near me’ over the internet to get the list of the cemetery in your area.

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Bury at Your Home

If you have space in your garden or backyard then you can bury the dead pet at your home. You can dig a 3-4 feet hole there and bury your pet by refilling over the top.

Ask Your Sanitation Department

In many states, the sanitation department also arranges to pick the body of the small dead animals.

Single Burial vs Group Burial

Best Ways To Dispose Of a Dead Cat Or dog There are various social groups available that offer the burial of many pets together. You may also choose a single burial which is absolutely at your discretion for dispose of dead animals.

What to do With a Dead Cat?

You can contact the Bureau of Sanitation which collects the dead animals absolutely free for dead cat disposal. It is important to consider that their services are not extended to the horse and cows. You can simply call 1-800-773-2489 to avail their services from Monday to Saturday between 7:30 AM to 4:45 PM.

It is important to dispose of the dead cat soon to avoid any kind of infection spread around your house. The insects and the foragers start surrounding the dead body of the cat and create environmental hazards. You can also choose to bury the cat on your own by digging a hole.

What to do When Your Dog Dies?

It is important to keep the body of your dog cool to prevent any spread of infection. You can keep the body at the coolest location until the time you make necessary arrangements for the disposal of the dog’s body.

If you are confused on what to do with a dead dog or who do I call to pick up the dead dog, refer the Bureau of Sanitation for free disposal services. You can also call your vet who can give your relevant information on what to do with a dead dog – cremation or disposal in the most appropriate way.

How Deep to Bury a Dog or Cat?

To keep the dead body safe against scavengers as well as to avoid any health hazard, the recommended depth of the grave for a cat or dog is 3-4 feet. There is almost 1 feet gap between the depth of soil dug and the amount of soil refilled. So, if you dig the soil for 4 feet, you will be able to refill over the top after burying your pet by 3 feet.

How Deep To Bury A Dog Or Cat

This height over the top to bury a cat or to bury a dog is enough to prevent any washing off due to rain or digging off the soil by any other animal.

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How Long Does It Take For A Buried Dog To Decompose?

The duration of the burial of dogs largely dominated by the place and the method adopted for its burial. However, the average duration varies between 6 to 18 months in which the body of the dog complete sheds to skeleton.

If the dog is buried in the coffin, it will take relatively more time to get buried. Also, the wood used for coffin affects the process of burial. The environment in which the dead dog is buried also plays a vital role. If the soil has a high amount of moisture, it will decompose at a faster rate.

How Long Does it Take for a Buried Cat to Decompose?

The average time taken by a dead cat to bury varies from 1 year to 3 years. Many governing factors such as the size of a cat, the place of burial, temperature of the soil, mode of burial – with a coffin or without a coffin, the wood used in the coffin, etc affect the burial rate of a dead cat.

The tropical area or the hot temperatures escalate the process of bury.

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  1. My dog died, and I’m not sure what to do. It makes sense that I might want to contact a pet cemetery. That way, I can ensure that his body is taken care of respectfully.

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