How To Remove Hard Drive From A Laptop Or Computer

How To Remove Hard Drive From A Laptop Or Computer

In the event of a computer crash, it is important to recover the hard drive to recover all your important information stored on the computer. Similarly, if you are switching on to a new laptop or want to upgrade the existing storage space, it is important to remove the hard drive from the old one.

There are many laptops in which you need to uncover the underside to have access to the hard drive. However, in some of the laptop, you need to remove the keyboard to access the hard drive which is more tedious to handle.

Steps Which You Need To Follow To Get Access Your Hard Drive

  1. It is important to disconnect all the power sources to avoid any kind of electrical shock. Unplug the power cord and remove the battery of the laptop.
  2. As the magnets have the potential to remove the data in your hard drive, it is highly advisable to remove all the powerful magnets at your work area.
  3. One all the power is drained out from the laptop, it’s time to remove the screws placed over the hard disk drive brackets.
  4. Now gently remove the cover and pull out the entire unit of CD/DVD reader.
  5. It’s time to remove the keyboard carefully by depressing the top layer of it gently. Use a screwdriver and depress the one point at a time taking the corner first. It is important to note that the tabs are not the parts of the keyboard but are associated with the surrounding case.
  6. Now remove the cables of the keyboard from a connector, once it is released from the tabs. As the cables are very delicate, so remove them carefully. Any yanking will not let you reuse the keyboard.
  7. There is one plate beneath the keyboard which needs to be removed to gain access to the hard drive.
  8. Unhook the strips by lifting up the black connectors and remove the screws which are securing the plate in place
  9. Lift up the plate and locate the hard drive.
  10. Unscrew the screws on the hard drive to remove it from a laptop.
  11. Now flip the laptop upside down and unscrew the outer cover beneath to release the hard drive.
  12. Slide the hard drive to your left and pull it out gently.

How To Remove A Hard Drive From Dell Laptop?

As most of the laptops have the same configurations, the placement of different parts could certainly be different. If you are a naïve own a Dell laptop and specifically looking for guidance on how to remove the hard drive particularly from the Dell laptop, here are the steps to be followed:

  • Take a backup of all the data immediately.
  • Any USB, telephone or cable should be disconnected.
  • All the electrical devices connected should be removed.
  • Refer the user manual, if you finding difficulties in removing the attached devices.

It is important to know what does a hard drive looks like. A hard drive in a laptop is a mix of six components – head actuator, read/write head, platter, read/write actuator arm, spindle, and chassis. It is rectangular in shape with circular platter over it which is used to store the data. Unlike RAM, even if the laptop is shut down, a hard drive can store the data. It is generally labeled with the drive letter C:

Hard Drive Removal Depends On The Different Latitude System:

For Latitude E6420 XFR

  • Remove the battery first
  • Open the HDD door by releasing the latch
  • Pull HDD out of the system by pushing the blue lock button

For Latitude E62xx / E54xx / E55xx

  • The bottom door and the battery should be removed first.
  • Remove all the screws which are keeping the bracket and hard drive
  • Gently pull out the Mylar tab to release the hard drive

For Latitude XT2

  • First, remove the battery and then all the four captive screws located on the bracket
  • Remove the bracket of hard drive
  • To disconnect the hard drive from the system board, slide it towards the edge.

For Latitude E63xx / E64xx / E65xx

  • Remove all the four screws from the system which are securing the hard drive.
  • Slide the drive out safely from the system.

For Latitude XT3

  • Remove the bottom door and battery
  • Locate the two screws over the hard drive and remove
  • Pull out the hard drive safely

A Word of Caution:

Removing any part of a laptop including a hard disk drive requires some technical skills. It is important that the task should be initiated by a knowledgeable person to avoid any substantial damages. The fragile and small parts of laptops are prone to higher damage if not handled carefully.

The process of hard disk drive removal is initiated to upgrade your laptop with advanced storage with higher space and increase the read-write speed.

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